10461866_943734312308071_7581148827363867520_oIt’s me, Brooke Alline!

I am a Wisconsin girl who believes that a good coat of hairspray can change your life, feeding people is a love language, all of life can be made beautiful, and God is always good.

You might have noticed my tagline, “The now and the not yet”. Yes, I am quoting a classic Amy Grant song! Sometimes I have that song going round and round in my head thinking about what I am currently and what, by the grace of God, I am becoming. I thought it might be fun to give you a glimpse of what is going on, what I love, and what I’m thinking about RIGHT NOW! But don’t think for one moment that I won’t be looking backwards, I advocate living in the moment so that you can soak it up to dwell on later, remembering the blessings of God in the good times and bad.

So follow along with me as I attempt to be more deliberate in my moments, sharing the simple joys and pleasures in my life.

Oh, and I love to laugh. You have been warned.