Three things |8-19-2016

  1. Dr. Jart BB+ Cream. I know this has been a cult classic for everyone for years, but I have just recently tried it out! I love to wear a full face of makeup( I know, I am weird), but I was getting ready for my big rafting trip to the Grand Canyon(full recap to come on this!) and needed something that was a little but easier and natural. I got a sample from Sephora and was shopping around a bit when I landed on the A-BB-C travel set and it was exactly what I needed for my trip! It turned out perfect! I wore just the BB cream down in the Canyon, and with a little Mineral Veil back up in the Rim World. Best BB Cream ever!
  2. Tony Moly. Have y’all tried these products?!? I have had couple of the masks and loved them! My little Sis picked up the peach lip balm the other day and it is so good! I am a sucker for anything peach! I pretty much want everything that they make!
  3. Brokenness Aside by All Sons and Daughters. I have been listening to these folks lately and have been blessed. Hope you will be as well. “I am a sinner
    If it’s not one thing it’s another caught up in words tangled in lies but You are a Savior and you take brokenness aside and make it beautiful “



Brooke Alline


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