Three things |8-19-2016

  1. Dr. Jart BB+ Cream. I know this has been a cult classic for everyone for years, but I have just recently tried it out! I love to wear a full face of makeup( I know, I am weird), but I was getting ready for my big rafting trip to the Grand Canyon(full recap to come on this!) and needed something that was a little but easier and natural. I got a sample from Sephora and was shopping around a bit when I landed on the A-BB-C travel set and it was exactly what I needed for my trip! It turned out perfect! I wore just the BB cream down in the Canyon, and with a little Mineral Veil back up in the Rim World. Best BB Cream ever!
  2. Tony Moly. Have y’all tried these products?!? I have had couple of the masks and loved them! My little Sis picked up the peach lip balm the other day and it is so good! I am a sucker for anything peach! I pretty much want everything that they make!
  3. Brokenness Aside by All Sons and Daughters. I have been listening to these folks lately and have been blessed. Hope you will be as well. “I am a sinner
    If it’s not one thing it’s another caught up in words tangled in lies but You are a Savior and you take brokenness aside and make it beautiful “



Brooke Alline


San Antonio | July

Photo courtesy of the awesome @katherinegking at the beautiful Hotel Emma.

My time in TX started off with a quick trip down to the Gulf for some long board surfing. I had never been, so it was a blast to try it out! I didn’t get to stand, but made it to my knees for approximately 2 seconds. WHOOP WHOOP! Look out Bethany Hamilton!

The rest of my time was spent hanging out with friends, swimming in the pool and exploring San Antonio! We made it to Lick for National Ice Cream Day. I had their Dewberry Corn Cobbler. So good! One night we went out for burgers and bowling. We went to Hopdoddy for burgers, and I have to say that it might be one of my top 3 burgers ever! Bowling at Bowl and Barrel was a blast. I didn’t win, but bowling is in my blood and the bowler in me tend to come out sometimes. LOL.

The best part though was the time I got to spend with these girls. Sometimes it is just so nice to spend time with women who believe and strive for the same things in life. I didn’t realized how much I had missed that special girl time. My older sister( and BFF) got married and moved away this past spring, and I have missed that time spent discussing and chatting with the knowledge that the other person knows where you are coming from. Know what I mean? I have five younger sisters that I am close to but it’s different when you have to be the role model;) I felt so refreshed and encouraged!