Austin, TX | 7-15-2016

Daniel and I headed down to TX for some much-needed friend time last weekend. After flying into Austin, we got picked up by the gang and headed to Torchy’s Tacos! So good! I had The Independent. Best mushroom taco I have ever had!

We wanted to find a super hipster coffee shop, so we started towards the Capitol and found Houndstooth Coffee. Super Hipster, but friendly staff. The girl working the register was actually from Milwaukee, so we were able to bond over our love for stone creek. I had the vanilla cold brew, perfect for the 100 degree weather.

We were able to walk over to the capital and walk around. I was a little disappointed that they didn’t have a portrait of John Wayne on the wall, but I was informed that he did not actually settle Texas.

That was my time in Austin. Stayed tuned for a recap of my first surfing experience  and the rest of my time spent in San Antonio!

I am on snapchat as brookealline is you want to watch my life.


One comment

  1. Kathryn · July 30, 2016

    Surfing?! You go girl!


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