Austin, TX | 7-15-2016

Daniel and I headed down to TX for some much-needed friend time last weekend. After flying into Austin, we got picked up by the gang and headed to Torchy’s Tacos! So good! I had The Independent. Best mushroom taco I have ever had!

We wanted to find a super hipster coffee shop, so we started towards the Capitol and found Houndstooth Coffee. Super Hipster, but friendly staff. The girl working the register was actually from Milwaukee, so we were able to bond over our love for stone creek. I had the vanilla cold brew, perfect for the 100 degree weather.

We were able to walk over to the capital and walk around. I was a little disappointed that they didn’t have a portrait of John Wayne on the wall, but I was informed that he did not actually settle Texas.

That was my time in Austin. Stayed tuned for a recap of my first surfing experience  and the rest of my time spent in San Antonio!

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Blueberry Pie

When you order 100lbs of blueberries, you make blueberry pie! Let me tell you, I made the best pie crust of my life.  My filling didn’t set, but you can’t win them all!

Cincinnati, OH | 7-9-16

My family headed down to Cincinnati on the 4th for the Ark Encounter ribbon cutting. We have been waiting and praying for this project for about two years, and it was so neat to be able to see the project open. The Ark Encounter is about 35 min. south of Cincinnati in williamstown, KY. It is a full size model of the Ark that God told Noah to build in Genesis. It is HUGE! They are still working on completing it 100%, but it is already an excellent museum/attraction. Along with the exhibits presenting proof that a world wide flood happened and how we can believe the Bible is true, they also have a petting zoo, restaurant and zip line.   The gift shop was really great too! They had a beautiful section of fair trade gifts and accessories. They also have a small exhibit on loan from the National Bible Museum that is opening in DC next year. This is definitely a museum that I am looking forward to seeing! 

We didn’t get to check out the food scene in Cincinnati but we did get to eat at a family favorite, Aladdins Eatery. We all were humming our happy tummy songs during this meal! Amazing shwarma! The mint tea is killer and make sure you order the dip sampler if you go! 

We headed home early Wednesday morning. We didn’t pass Indianapolis at the right time, but if we had I was fully  prepared to beg for a stop at Milktooth.  

Summer Doings | 7-2-2016

I can’t believe that it is July already! I always get to this point in summer, and I freak out because  I feel like summer is going to fast and before I know it, I will be in the middle of a February blizzard! Real fears people!

Earlier in the week I went strawberry picking with my kids (AKA my little sister(8) and little brother(6)). It was the farms last day – so pickings were slim, but we managed to find about 11lbs. I soon as I got home I started looking for jam recipes that didn’t require canning. I don’t know about you, but I feel like canning is an extremely detailed process and most recipes are a little light on directions. What is with this? I was able to find a freezer jam that worked out perfect! I’ve been having toast and jam for breakfast all week.

When you live on a farm ( have I mentioned this? My family owns an organic farm, but we are by no means farm people), sometimes you get pulled to do manual labor. We grew medical grade chamomile this year, and it’s harvest time. Our littles have been out there almost everyday – they are closer to the ground. I helped pick a row, and lets just say that I have been sore for a few days! At least, the flowers are pretty and they smell good! I have plans to make a chamomile infused whipped cream to go along with strawberry shortcake. I’ll keep you posted on how it tastes!

If you are ever in the Lake Geneva, Wisconsin area, I highly recommend heading out with Clearwater Outdoors for a social paddle on the lake! My Sister-in-law and I went this week and had a blast! We SUPed and chatted on the lake for 2 hours at sunset. It was perfect!  A great opportunity to disconnect from technology and enjoy some fellowship time. We have plans to make it a weekly thing!

In between all that, I’ve been teaching my 16 years old sister how to drive and “by drive” I mean I have let her drive down the driveway multiple times. Not sure if I am prepared to take her on the real road, I might leave that to dad!

What are you plans for the 4th? My family will be heading to Cincinnati for the grand opening  of The Ark Encounter, so no big party for us. I am hoping that I will be able to have some of that awesome cake\fruit pizza thing, that is an American tradition, at some point weekend. I want to hear y’alls plans! Tell me in the comments below!



Brooke Alline