The Food Edition | 6-18-2016

I made this Strawberry Milk the other day. OMWORD.

I LOVE anything Banana, So I am going to have to make these Frozen Banana Creams.

I have been trying to master Falafel at home. I also don’t like to fry things, and these Crispy Homemade Falafel turned out pretty good. They turned out softer then I would have liked, but it might helped if my food processor was working.

This is one of my favorite summer dishes! I need to make it soon. It is perfect for picnics.

Every summer, I have these grand plans to make popsicles. It hasn’t happened yet. But these ones look great!

The other day we had good ol’ taco salad. You know the kind with Doritos;) I was so excited about it all day, it’s definitely a childhood favorite. And so easy to make fancier(grass-fed Beef, Organic jalapeño lime chips, avocado and TJ’s Siracha Ranch dressing)!

If you are on the Cold Brew wagon, you have to make this Homemade Vanilla Syrup. It is so easy and perfectly creamy.

What is on your must make\cook list this week?  Leave your links in the comments below!

You can also follow my Noshing Pinterest board. It gets the most pinning action from me.



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