Five oldies to watch this summer |

I grew up watching old movies, I’ll never forget the first time I realized that they were still making movies… Yeah, I grew up under a rock. My Mimi is an old movie buff and one my besties growing up had the best old VHS collections. These are the movies I get an itch to watch once summer starts.

  1. My Sister Eileen. This is one of my  all time favorite! It has Jack Lemmon in it, need I say more? Funny movie about two sisters who move to NYC to make it big. It is a musical and the title number cracks me up every time.
  2. The Parent Trap. I will always love the Haley Mills version. How fabulous are those party dresses? Summer camp never looked more glamorous! It is also totally acceptable to watch the Lindsay Lohan version.
  3. Bells are RingingThis is one I forgot about until yesterday, I was thrifting and found a vinyl of the soundtrack. Score! Judy Holliday stars as an answering service operator who falls in love over the phone with one of her customers, but she always pretends to be a motherly 63 years old. Such a good one!
  4. On Moonlight BayThis classic Doris Day film is probably the reason I love Doris Day so much! Tomboy Doris Day falls in love with the boy next-door Gordon McRae.
  5. Summer MagicAnother Haley Mills classic. I still have dreams of one day throwing a  lawn party like the Careys. This movie also might be one of the reasons I love yellow so much.

Note: I am able to find all of these movies at my local library.


The Food Edition | 6-18-2016

I made this Strawberry Milk the other day. OMWORD.

I LOVE anything Banana, So I am going to have to make these Frozen Banana Creams.

I have been trying to master Falafel at home. I also don’t like to fry things, and these Crispy Homemade Falafel turned out pretty good. They turned out softer then I would have liked, but it might helped if my food processor was working.

This is one of my favorite summer dishes! I need to make it soon. It is perfect for picnics.

Every summer, I have these grand plans to make popsicles. It hasn’t happened yet. But these ones look great!

The other day we had good ol’ taco salad. You know the kind with Doritos;) I was so excited about it all day, it’s definitely a childhood favorite. And so easy to make fancier(grass-fed Beef, Organic jalapeño lime chips, avocado and TJ’s Siracha Ranch dressing)!

If you are on the Cold Brew wagon, you have to make this Homemade Vanilla Syrup. It is so easy and perfectly creamy.

What is on your must make\cook list this week?  Leave your links in the comments below!

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Libertyville, IL | 6-11-2016

Photo taken by my personal photographer Madeline_powers

We took off today and went to explore a new town. When you live in a tourist town, your best bet for a weekend is to find a different town to explore! We had some fantastic Mexican food, shopped around in their cute little shops and visited the original Hansa(the real reason for the visit!) This time we tried the Dr. Hansa(Dr.Pepper and Espresso) and the Kaffelemonad(Cold Brew and Lemonade). They were both great to try, but the Royale W/ Bees is still my favorite!  The staff was so kind and chatty, definitely a pleasure to visit. If you are ever in the area, I recommend stopping by!

Hansa Coffee 755 N Milwaukee Ave, Libertyville, Illinois 60048

Three things | 6-4-16

  1. Owl City.  For some reason I am like 20 years late to this party. My brother keeps laughing at me and calling me a homeschooler, but I just started listening to Owl City and I am crazy about it! Adam Young cracks me up so much! His song Deer in the Headlights had me laughing for days! He also started a side project composing scores for certain events in history. I think that The Spirit of St. Louis is one of the most beautiful things I have heard recently. Check it out!
  2. Still Huge mascara. This is my mascara right now! The true test of a mascara is if you will buy another tube, and I definitely will! It is the perfect mix of length and volume.
  3. The Greatest Generation Foundation Facebook page. I discovered this page a few months ago. They honor our veterans when they pass away, telling us their story. I have to tell you, I am a mess every time I read one. These men and women are such heroes and they are some of the most humble people ever. So many of them go about their lives without anyone knowing the extent of their heroism. Thank a vet today!