Three things | 5-28-2016

  1. Benefit Brow Bar. Y’all, I am so happy! They just opened a benefit brow bar near my house! I mean, it’s still 25 minutes away, but in an area where I am every week! I can now achieve my dream of having my eyebrows on fleek at ALL TIMES! But seriously, I have to go to them. I have crazy German eyebrows and sensitive skin and for whatever reasons their wax doesn’t make me break out. And they are dang hilarious over there at the benefit company.
  2. I am not an animal person at all. Not even a little bit, so it’s ironic that over the last week I have google image searched baby cranes(OMWORD), multiple breeds of pugs (anyone have one I could borrow for the day? It’s my brothers 23rd birthday and he would die.), snakes wearing hats, and baby donkeys. I don’t even know myself anymore.
  3. Cold Brew with Almondmilk and Honey. I was recently in Lake Bluff for my job and noticed that they had a new coffeeshop open. Well, that is right my ally! I stopped in and had their Royale w/ Bee which is their famous cold brew with Califia almond milk and honey! It’s so good! I have been making my own at home until I can get back down there. They also do a Dr. pepper Americano thingy that I need to try….




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