Three Things | 5-13-16


I am they Band

  1. I Am They. This is one of my favorite music groups and they have a new song out. I love their version of “No longer slaves“! I found this band last summer and I have to say, they were my soundtrack for the whole summer and it helped me get through a season that was unlike any other in my life.
  2. This blog post. I was listening to Chris Fabry Live the other day and Ron Hutchcraft was on. He said something that I have been mulling over, he said, ” Take care of the micro tasks in your day and the macro plans for your life will become clear.” Good thought! I am definitely not a high school graduate this year, but this blog post was an encouragement to my heart.
  3. This hair product. I saw on Brooke White’s snapchat her recommendation for this dry oil and seeing as how I think she is one of the coolest people EVER, I needed to try it out! I got mine at the TJ Maxx for cheap and I have to say, I have been loving it! I have never really noticed a difference when I use a heat protectant, but I can say that my ends have been smoother and my frizz has been non-existant ( which is a major feat for this curly girl in denial!).




One comment

  1. danielrichardpowers · May 14, 2016

    Prime list.


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